UMass Students Caught Having Sex. You’ll Definitely Be Amused How.

College is back in session, and the Zoo is swarming with 18 year old coeds eager to celebrate their new found freedom. Some people are better at this than others. This is via

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Welcome to UMASS baby!!

I can’t figure out whether or not these two, who obviously love each other, did this on purpose or not. Could the blind possibly be any more open? Are you telling me that was NOT intentionally done? I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt though. It’s Thursday at 2 PM, so most likely they’re wasted from the 1 PM round robin in Kennedy. Man, it’s gonna be weird for these two when they bump into each other in the DC tomorrow. Hopefully once they learn each other’s names they’ll be able to look back at this whole thing and laugh.

And hey Jill Berner, what’s your deal? This is what you do? You’re the Soutwest peeping Tom? Back in my day this was pretty common, but no one put it on the internet. It’s not that we respected each other or anything like that. It’s because by the time you cranked that wheel back on your disposable camera, walked to CVS, waited for it to be developed, scanned it onto your computer, and waited three hours for it to upload to AIM, the semester was already over. It just wasn’t worth it. You kids and your fancy internet machines these days.


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