University of San Francisco Delta Zeta Just Showed Why Their College Deserves More Attention


University of San Francisco. A college that we have not heard much from. However, Delta Zeta is about to change that for the better. As we all know by now, we’ve featured thousands of sorority videos since fall semester started. We’ve seen mostly the same, repetitive, casual average video that we’d end up posting. This is by far the most entertaining video we’ve seen to date. Trust me, it’s in a good way. These girls thought out of the box and decided to make a video that was entertaining to watch instead of the same old sorority video with the same songs playing in the background, For once a sorority actually did something that can make you laugh, smile, or just think how amazing the sorority really is. Props and major shout out to these girls. Way to kill it! Watch the video below. It’s highly entertaining.

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