University of South Carolina KKG Video Is Too Awesome Not To Watch


And……… the sorority movement has officially started! Since August, we have received thousands of submissions from sororities nationwide from schools such as UCSB, Oregon, Arizona State, Clemson, and more! Now, it’s time to officially put another sorority on the map! Introducing this sorority from the University of South Carolina!!!

These Kappa Kappa Gamma girls have an awesome video that really made me convinced to pledge their chapter had I gone to their college. Good luck to all the girls that got a bid, and get ready for the best four years of your life! These girls seem like the type I would want to bring home to mom and dad. I would treat one of these girls like a queen if I had one of them as my girlfriend. Watching this video got me crushing so hardcore, and I am officially a big fan of the KKG chapter at South Carolina. Girls who like to have a good time and the type you can take home to mom. Now that’s a win, win type situation! I extend my proposal out to take any South Carolina KKG girl out to dinner that is willing to accept on me. Let’s set up the date ASAP ladies. Any takers?

Here is Kappa Kappa Gamma from South Carolina!!!

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