Unspoken Rules of a Best Friendship

Like life, friendship doesn’t come with a rulebook. There’s no manual in the world on how to carry out the most beneficial and long-lasting friendships. It takes two people who just get each other in every way to make it work, and there’s just some things that can’t be taught. Here are some of those unspoken rules that we all must follow:

Always tell the truth, even if it’s going to hurt:


It’s better to be hurt with the truth than pleased with a lie. Not many people are truthful in this world, but your best friend should definitely be one of them. The truth might hurt, but someone needs to say it.

If she looks bad in a picture, don’t Instagram it no matter how good you look:


This could be hard if your Instagram has been deprived of uploads lately and you FINALLY got a picture you look good in, but she will resent you for the rest of the night if you do it.

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