UTSA Phi Mu Just Got Ranked Number 1 Phi Mu NATIONALLY

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 Did you know we’re HIRING more PAID WRITERS? If interested, e-mail [email protected] now to apply! So since the school year has been coming to an end, we have been announcing our awards for the school year. First, we ranked FSU Delta Zeta the top Delta Zeta Chapter. For Alpha Chi Omega, that award went to SDSU Alpha Chi Omega.  Recently for Alpha Phi we ranked UofA Alpha Phi the top Alpha Phi Chapter.  For ZTA Texas A&M won the award. Lastly, for Kappa Delta University of Maryland won the award. Now, it’s time to announce the BEST Phi Mu chapter nationally! After reviewing the content we’ve posted all year from Phi Mu chapters nationwide, we decided to give the Phi Mu chapter at UTSA the award! What makes these sisters so amazing? Phi Mu brought their A-Game for their newest video. These beautiful ladies may have just shut the competition down. Not only are they babes, but they actually have brains too. Their chapter is known for doing an excellent job when it comes to their academics. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM –> @UPrimetime for more great content daily! Check out their awesome new video below!

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