Video Shows People Attempting The Knockout Challenge: Hitting A Beer/Weed Bong

Guys, we may just be looking at the future of hardcore partying here.  Better start practicing now.

Hitting a bong and hitting a beer bong are two very different things, but some ingenious minds have found a way to combine the two actions into one device.  And boy, is it a doozie.  This device allows one to chug from a bottle of beer and simultaneously rip from a bong, thus inhaling the smoke when all the fluid has been drained from the bottle.

Watch the video and you’ll get a better idea of the mechanics, but make no mistake, the Knockout Challenge is not for the faint of heart, or anyone who has to drive home shortly.  The people at the Complex Youtube channel put out this brilliant video in which they filmed some New York volunteers who were game for an attempt at the Knockout Challenge.  Trying and successfully completing the challenge are two different things, though.  Apparently, it’s more difficult than it looks.  Several hopefuls in the video have trouble chugging the beer without spluttering and spewing foam from their mouth.  Those who do complete the task all look rather…relaxed with their victorious effort.

Of course, maybe they’re just high as crap.

SOURCES: Youtube | Thrillist | The Lad Bible
IMAGES: Youtube 

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