Ways You Change Between High School Graduation and Starting College (2)

5. You learn how important money is.

It’s the driving force of the world. You need it to get to college and to stay there so you stop throwing it away on stupid things.


4. You learn how hard it is to GET money.

When you’re taking 16 credit hours it’s hard to find time to have a job and still keep your grades straight.

getting money

3. You realize how much your family means to you.

Being away from them for so long makes you see how much you love them.


2. You see that you don’t need half of the crap you own.

Dorms are small and living months with only half of your belongings makes you realize that you don’t need any of the things you left at home.


1. You realize that being true to yourself is the most important thing.

On a giant campus full of diverse people, it’s important to know who you are and decide that you aren’t changing to please anyone.


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