Ways You Change Between High School Graduation and Starting College

10. You learn how to study.

Most people don’t even know what studying is until they fail their first college exam and learn to get their $hit together real quick. It’s a wake up call for sure.


9. You learn that not everybody is a real friend.

Your high school friends will turn out to be fake 99% of the time. It’s sad but it’s the truth.

Trust Nobody

8. You learn to disregard what others say/think of you.

In college, everybody just does their own thing and focuses on themselves so they don’t really care what you’re doing anyways.


7. You learn how to be on your own.

Being hours away from anyone who would take care of you makes you feel really alone sometimes.


6. You learn what it feels like to be an adult.

Having a job and taking care of yourself for the first time is really an awakening to the real world.

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