Which Arizona State Sorority is Most Attractive? You’ll Have A Hard Time Deciding.

ASU has always been known for their good looking girls. Some of the best looking students from So. Cal, AZ and around the world flock to Tempe. It is the largest school in the country- meaning that Greek life is HUGE! The percentage of students that are Greek at ASU is average, but because of the total students attending the school, there’s a ton of people in fraternities and sororities. We all know Greek life is known for good looking members (occasionally with money), but at a school that’s known for their hot girls and particularly the sorority girls; which is the hottest? I know I am having a very tough time deciding, so you be the judge. FYI, we posted all the sororities at ASU in which we could find their recruitment videos. If we couldn’t find your video, don’t feel left out. We love EVERY sorority at ASU regardless!

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Take a look for yourself:

looks like a bunch of mega moos. all guilty except the one in green shorts.

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