Why Cat-Calling Will Never Get You A Woman

Cat-calling is not a compliment. Being a young woman today, I’ve experienced quite a few instances of cat-calling that I could just ignore and forget about because it didn’t seem like a big deal. Recently, however, one instance stood out in particular that I couldn’t just forget. Too often people blame victims of things for “being in the wrong places at the wrong time” or “asking for it” for dressing or acting certain ways, and less often do people actually blame the people who are at fault in the situation.


Normally when I go downtown, my friends and I are dressed in tight clothes and heels, but strangely, when this occurred, I was in jeans, a sweater and boots. This goes to show that no matter what you wear, guys will still be relentless perverts if that’s who they are. My roommate and I were walking to our typical, Thursday/Saturday night bar, just the two of us, and this large group of guys, probably mid-twenties, started following us and cat-calling us. Minding our own business and pretending not to hear them, we kept looking straight and walking forward until we started to become extremely uncomfortable and weirded out. If you know me at all, it takes a lot to weird me about. In no way was what they were doing even the least bit attractive or enticing. Cat-calling will never get you a woman. All it does is creep people out and degrade the women you’re trying to pick up. News flash: yelling out to girls on the street has never ended in a marriage proposal. Here are some of the thoughts that go through our mind when you cat-call us:

10) Is this guy serious?



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