Why Good Girls Will Never Go Out Of Style

As Taylor Swift states in her hit single “Style,” the good girls will never go out of style. It may seem as though our generation of men always go for the easy, trashy women while leaving the classy, nice girls out in the dust. It may be true that those easy girls will be there to satisfy you for the short term, but it’s really the good girls who will win a man’s heart for the long-haul. And here’s why:

You can bring us home to your family


Classy, well-behaved women are exactly the type of women your mothers all want you to find, boys. We’ll become shopping and cooking buddies with your mother, become best friends with your sister, hit it off great with your father, and probably make your brother even more jealous of you.

We’ll motivate you to follow your own dreams200

Unlike your new “sleeping buddy,” we actually care where you’re going in life and what you want to do. We’ll motivate you to go back to college, get your degree, and fulfill your dreams. And better yet, we’ll be right there with you through the whole thing, cheering you on and helping you along the way. We’re your #1 fans!

We care about your feelings


If you’re sad, we’ll cheer you up by taking you to a baseball game or cooking your favorite meal. If you’re tired, we’ll rub your back as you fall asleep. If you’re angry, we’ll let you vent to us. If you’re happy, we’ll share in your joy. Although your side hoe might make you feel better for the time being, we’ll make you infinitely happy.

You won’t just want us for Saturday nights, but for Sunday afternoons too


Sure, your easy girl will be there for you on a lonely, drunken Saturday night, but a keeper will be the one you wake up next to, make breakfast with, and spend your entire rainy day cuddling and watching movies on the couch with. We’ll have dance parties in the living room and go on adventures with you. We’re more than just a one-night fling.

We’ll bring out the best in you


Good girls have the tendency to bring out the best in people whether that be their helpful, compassionate, or daring side. We’ll show you how amazing you are just by being ourselves and watch while you follow suite. You don’t have to be someone that you’re not around us. We allow you to be 100% silly and quirky, and we’ll never fault you for your flaws.

We make the best friends and secret keepers


Not only can we be there to be your girlfriend, but we’ll be your best friend too. You can share your deepest, darkest secrets with us and know that you won’t be judged for them. The connection you’re able to make with a good girl is one like no other. We’ll reassure you that everything will be okay and that nothing you tell us will ever make us leave.

Falling for us won’t hurt


Many people think falling in love is a scary, risky decision, but when you fall in love with a good girl, you know your heart is safe with them. They won’t ever make you regret meeting them or falling for them because they’ll love you for all of you unconditionally.

So, as Taylor Swift says, ” I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt, and when we go crashing down, we come back every time cause we never go out of style.” Have faith, good girls, the good guys will come along and find you.

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