Why I Left My Home State for College (2)

I firmly believe I have benefitted from my experience and continue to do so. I’ve become responsible for me: laundry, food, and getting up on time. Saying no to my friends when going out would really put me behind the eight ball on my homework, or a report or project. I’ve been sick with strep throat a couple of times, a stomach virus and a host of other minor ailments. I had to find a way to the doctor, fill my prescriptions and nurse myself back to health.

My days and nights are filled. I host three shows on our college radio station, took on a part-time job and joined a sorority. I’ve made a group of close, supportive friends and have experienced some of the culture and experiences New York has to offer.  The fact that I could not run home when times got tough made me a self-reliant individual.

I firmly believe if I had elected to stay in my hometown for school, I would not be as strong as I am today. I think that everyone who has the option to attend school in a different state should seriously consider doing so. Push yourself to explore a new area, make a whole new group of friends, and learn how to become independent. I’m so glad I did!

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