Why I Love Being Greek At The University Of Cincinnati

Going into college I swore that I would never become a sorority girl. Soon I realized that within my intense classes making friends was challenging. I never had enough time to sit down and meet people, and when I did I never felt a real connection to them. I became extremely close to a group of 4 girls during my first few months of college. Recruitment was right around the corner and they were all registered to participate.

I denied the offers and their constant advice to just simply sign up for recruitment. My excuses were that I couldn’t afford it, didn’t have time, and wasn’t that type of girl. One day I received an email thanking me for registering to go greek, but I hadn’t. My friends had registered for me just incase I changed my mind when it was past deadline.

A few days before recruitment all my friends were slowly picking out their outfits they planned on wearing for each day. I still was uneasy about it, but since they had registered my name I agreed to attend the first day. The morning of day 1 I went in with an open mind as I walked up to my rho gamma group. Instantly, I started having a great time and an even better time as the day went on. These girls were so fun and not what I imagined them to be.

We made our rounds of the 9 houses and I fell in love with Theta Phi Alpha. I had the most genuine conversations and felt like I could really fit in with these not so typical sorority girls. The thing with joining greek life is that if it’s something you really want, you can make it happen. I was somewhat financially able to pay for it, but decided to pick up a job writing for this awesome website (University Primetime) to help out with the dues. I found myself really prioritizing my time once I joined due to events and chapter that I did not want to miss.

You get what you put out.

I never imagined myself joining a sorority, but it honestly makes college a much more welcoming and safe place for myself. If anythings wrong I know that I have a home with my sisters waiting to comfort me. Every Tuesday it’s so nice to sit down and have an actual home cooked meal from our chef and catch up with what everyone’s up to. It’s not just a sisterhood, it’s a family. It has made my transition to college so much easier as I have more than a hundred girls watching after me and rooting for whatever i choose to do in life.

If you’re uncertain if you want to go greek, just try it. I promise you it’s an experience you won’t regret.


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