Why I Stopped Binge Drinking

Binge Drinking: The consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol in a short period of time.

If you’re a a typical college student, you love to go out and party. Whether it’s hitting up a fraternity house, going to the local college bar or just hanging around with some friends-getting drunk is the goal.

I was a wild child my freshman year, you could find me at every house party with a cup of jungle juice or at Happy Hour with a pitcher of beer in my hand. Like most students my age, I would have a few nights that got out of hand, but for the most part I believed I had a handle on my partying.

Unfortunately, what I realized was binge-drinking was destroying me more than I realized.

Binge-drinking turned me into a sloppy, reckless person who wasn’t fully in control of herself. I slowly saw myself becoming lazier and caring less about my schoolwork, my job and my future. The alcohol I consumed lead me to gain weight and feel sluggish. The worst part however was it hurt my parents knowing I would drink to such levels of intoxication.

I slowly started to realize that I didn’t need to get “turnt” or “wrecked” to have a great time with my friends. I’m naturally outgoing and am always down to have a good time, so why do I need to get dumb in order to for the night to be fun?

As a second year college sophomore, it’s important for me to let go of my wild child freshman self and begin to focus on my future. Once I graduate college, doing keg-stands and drinking $5 cranberry and vodkas all night will lose it’s excitement. I have goals and aspirations that I need to focus on now in order to accomplish in life.

Therefore, I am saying goodbye to my hot mess self and am learning to party with limits. Of course you’ll still see me at the bar or my sorority mixer, but this time I’ll actually remember seeing you.

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