The Worst Outfits College Girls Can Wear During A Walk Of Shame

The difference between going-out clothes and daylight outfits is quite significant, and you know how I know this? Because it is incredibly easy to point out a person who is making the walk of shame after a night of partying.

First things first, there is nothing to be ashamed about when doing a walk of shame. It really should be called a stride of pride, in my opinion, because it means you got some action, you aren’t hiding it from the world and you do not care what other people think of you.

However, there are some times where it is just too comical to watch people do the walk of shame after a themed party of sorts. So before you go all out for your luau party this weekend, keep in mind that these are the worst outfits to wear if you are planning to get “leid” at the party (pun most definitely intended.) Still do you, just make sure you grab a shack shirt before you leave the house.

20.) Slutty Pumpkin

The Fix

November 1st is the greatest time to see horrendous walk of shame outfits.

19.) A Group Costume


If you are walking home with out Tweedle Dee, then you are going to look so Tweedle Dumb.

18.) Army Attire

How To

Sadly the cameo you’re wearing won’t disguise you as well as you may want it to.

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