Why writing skills are more important than ever

Communication is integral in personal life and professional work to avoid misunderstanding and especially with the adoption of computer communication. Writing skills are necessary to , as it is essential to link ideas while ensuring the logical flow of thought and clarity. The growth in online communication is further evidence that more people are interconnected and they need to have good writing skills are necessary. People regularly use the internet and summarize their thoughts to the intended audience and failure to express the idea can cause misinterpretation. While writing one has to consider the readers since thoughts are expressed as ideas that are easily understandable. Ensuring the logical flow of thought when writing cannot be ignored whether academic, formal, or professional writing.

The ease in communication with adoption of technology has also been accompanied with focus on attention to detail. Communication is not only faster but is accessible by a wider audience, while computer and online communication does not integrate the tone of the voice. With good writing skills one can emphasize ideas, concepts and viewpoints, where precise writing ensures that the message is not lost. The face-to face communication makes it easier for communicators to stress certain ideas, but this may be lost when writing especially when the writing skills are poor. Good skills are important regardless of whether one communicates privately or in the professional setting, as the accuracy of the information presented depends on how it is written.

In professional settings, communication is an integral component, with formal communication either written or online communication can make a big difference in the workplace since writing skills influence how colleagues and bosses judge a person. In the hyper competitive world, people are increasingly relying on written communication, and proper writing skills can improve. One has to convey information skillfully where organization and presentation is important, while having good writing skills makes it easier to communicate. One learns to use good writing skills with practice, but in the professional settings there is no room for trial and error or making mistakes because of questionable writing skills. Admission to universities takes into account good writing skills this signifies the ability to write succinctly, while using the appropriate style and structure. This extends to successful job performance, and writing skills should be a goal of every individual irrespective of their profession. Lack of clarity is associated with negative perceptions since one loses credibility. The power of writing in academia has often has been identified as being necessary to share knowledge, while many jobs even in the technical fields require good writing skills. Poorly written communication not only waste time, but may also cause lost productivity. For instance written communication errors may have vital information missing. Writing skills can either enhance dialogue and create good impressions as one can demonstrate that they are professionals. E-mail communication has become common, but there are people who fail to communicate accurately as they assume that the intended message recipient will understand all they have written. People who care about writing skills neither take the time to ensure that the messages are nor poorly worded. Hence, one should not ignore opportunities to improve their writing skills, and there are online resources that offer tips and suggestions that can prove valuable. In the digital era, information spreads quickly, and there is a risk that a person, group or organization may suffer bad reputation for failure to use good writing skill while communicating. Overall, writing skills enhances clarity of communication avoid misinterpretation, while the message sender has credibility

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