8 Reasons to Never Be the Couple that Sits on the Same Side of the Booth

We hate those people that sit on the same side of the booth. Like, there is a time and place to sit next to each other and it’s not in a restaurant. Save it for a movie theater or the couch at home. Chances are, people around you will hate your guts for many reasons if you and your significant other are cuddling up in public.

It makes the waiter or waitress feels uncomfortable. The waiter or waitress not looking at each side of the table and just looking straight to you both is weird. Like is she putting on a show for you? And how awkward for her to reach over the table to get your refills when it could be easily in front of them. Think about your server, c’mon.

uncomfy waiter


We know you eat a lot… how’re you gonna have space for it? When all your food comes out you struggle to find room. You’ve got sides and your main dish. The two of you barely have room for your own items. But of course, the whole other half of the table is empty…. smh. 
full table

We don’t know what you are doing under there. People around can see that a guys arm looks like its a wee bit close to a woman’s certain area. This is completely unnecessary. Stop being sketchy and weird and look at each other from across the table like normal people.


OW! He elbowed my boob. You’re trying to enjoy your food but are constantly getting hit in the side or the arm. Just save yourself the annoyance and switch to the other side. You can’t really get mad at the person you’re with for that because you chose to sit there. Dumbo.




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