21 Times Chandler Bing Described The End Of A Semester

Chandler Bing is, in my totally biased opinion, one of the funniest characters on television (and Netflix). He’s irrational, semi-irresponsible, irritable, and always sarcastic.

I do not know about you, but I am all of those things at the end of every semester. You know, because I try to play things cool and be “the funny man” when everything in life/my GPA seems to be crumbling around me.

21. Getting the rare “class today is cancelled” email


It does not happen often, which is what makes it such an amazing feeling.

20. When you try to convince yourself that you are being productive


But really you are just envying your fellow students tanning/laughing/enjoying anything outside.

19. When you went to your one class AND did the homework due for the next one.


18. Justifying the lack of gym time.


17. Then you remember summer is fast approaching.


One rep a day keeps the handles away.


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