11 Reasons Nathan And Haley from One Tree Hill Are #Goals

It is amazing how the script of a show can make you hate one person one minute and fall in love with them the next. That is true for Nathan Scott in One Tree Hill. Honestly, before he and Haley were together, Nathan was a real ass.

But, as all One Tree Hill fans know, Nathan and Haley become the definition of #relationshipgoals. Throughout the ongoing ups and downs in the town of Tree Hill, one thing stays steady and that is their relationship. They took their unconventional, stereotypically-wrong relationship and made a beautiful life out of it.

11. They do everything out of mutual love and respect.


10. Their successes do not mean much without each other.


9. They are both each other’s cheerleaders.


8. They try to make each other better.


7. They are friends first, so they do not take each other too seriously.


6. They know each other so well.



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