You’ll Never Guess Why This Cop Is Smiling So Big

Roman Atwood is one of the best Pranksters on Youtube. As he stated in an interview, “On that video alone we got, like, 2 million views in a week. That cop video sky-rocketed us from 40,000 subscribers to 180,000. To my knowledge, I’m one of the only people who has pranked the cops legally and filmed it. Apparently they sent out a districtwide email about me. One time, a UPS guy told me he was delivering stuff to a state building, and he saw my picture hanging on the wall, and underneath it said, “Attention law enforcement: Roman Atwood preys on unsuspecting police officers.” If that is true, I need to steal that picture.”

Roman this time tried to do something so crazy, that you have to see what these police officers did to stop what they thought was not a funny prank by any means.

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