14 Times That Zac Efron Made You Melt

We’ve been with Zac Efron from the very beginning when he was singing and dancing to “Get Ya Head in the Game” and “We’re All in This Together.” Now he’s a beautiful, beautiful man who’s moved on to more serious drama and comedy roles (and to be honest, we couldn’t be happier). The more Zac, the better.

14) We’ve loved him from the start in his cute High School Musical days. Look at him singing, so cute. 

We love him in his cute HSM phase

13) Then he grew up. And he looks like absolute perfection. Look at those eyes. 

Look at those eyes

12) And that smile. 


11) He’s the only guy that can truly pull off the mohawk. 

Only man to pull off a mohawk

10) And who doesn’t love a (not so) bad boy? 

Tough guys are always hot

9) He looks super attractive when he dresses dapper af. 

Look at how dapper he is

8) And when he was in Hairspray, the “Link Wink” made us swoon. 



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