10 Harsh Facts About College That Are The Worst

Education revolves around a system that ranks students by their grades. Students study and work hard only to realize that their intelligence is measured by letters in the alphabet. College, however, introduces new challenges that may have you adjusting your priorities. Here are 10 harsh facts about college.

10. You will need to connect with other students.

If anyone knows your pain, it’s your peers. From that surprise quiz to oversleeping on purpose, your peers will understand all of your feels. They will help you get through college with as few gray hairs as possible. Consider the experience therapeutic.


9. College is filled with first impressions:

The first time you meet your professor.

The first time you meet your classmates.

The first time you turn in an assignment.

The first time you attend a college job fair.

You get the idea.

Make sure you’re on your “A” game at all times.


8. College will constantly test your values.

Temptation has never been a good thing. And it just so happens that college is full of them. The student perks, numerous parties and a sea of eye candy will have your conscious in a constant battle with your morality. Try to keep a level head. You will need it to survive.


7. College expenses are the best way to learn how to manage your budget.

If there is anything that will teach you the value of a dollar, it’s college. Once you realize just how expensive education is, you will learn to make sacrifices or develop habits that you will regret. You decide.


6. College is where you will have the most freedom.

Bring on the sleepless nights and boatloads of work. You may think you have it hard, but when you are unleashed into the real world, you will learn that the grind never ends. It. NEVER. Ends.


5. Take advantage of college life while you can.

College life has awesome perks. You should take advantage of every opportunity to live a little while you’re still on the brink of being an adult. If you don’t, you may find yourself scheduling leisure time.


4. Your major doesn’t really matter.

If you’re having a tough time mapping out your career, you’re in luck! Attending college is a great way to sort through your interests. So, while you may be indecisive about your major, that won’t reflect on who you are as an individual. You can relax now.


3. Your GPA doesn’t really matter.

Your GPA is represented by numbers. It doesn’t showcase your actual ability. You may have the best GPA, but that will not guarantee that you will rise above everyone else. It’s a dog eat dog world. Stay focused and show what you’re made of.


2. Networking is the most important thing you will do in college.

It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know (just kidding, you might want to learn a few things). If you meet the right people you never know what advantages you may gain. So you may as well shake a hand or two.


1. Graduating college does not guarantee the best job in the real world.

Unfortunate, but true. While some struggle to land one job, others may have several just to survive. It would be nice to walk through a magical portal that leads to a six-figure job, but that’s not how it works. Is it?


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