50 Safest Colleges in America 2014-2015 Rankings

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when UniversityPrimetime.com does their college rankings. If you didn’t hear, we recently were featured on NBC for our Top 50 Colleges With The Most Attractive Females Ranking that you can watch HERE .

We also have ranked the Top 50 Colleges With The Most Attractive Males and The Best Tailgating Colleges .

Now, it’s time to rank the 50 Safest Colleges in America. To calculate this ranking, we researched the safety of colleges through how many on and off campus arrests there have been in recent years, if there have been any student deaths at the university, and overall any digging we could do to really see which college really is the safest. The statistics account for nine types of criminal incidents, which we weighted based on a subjective judgment of violence, asserting that an incident of murder represents a higher level of intrinsic threat to public safety than a robbery. 

Here are the Top 50 Safest Colleges in America (Hit the see more schools after #26 to see the Top 25) :

50) Vincennes University

49) Columbus State University

48) University of Northern Iowa

47) Brigham Young University

46) Marshall University

45) University of Idaho

44) Boston University

43) Sam Houston State University

42) Grand Canyon University

41) The University of Montana

40) Clayton State University

39) Davenport University

38) Long Island University

37) Touro College

36) Idaho State University

35) NYU

34) Juniata College

33) Siena College

32) University of Notre Dame

31) Ithaca College

30) Princeton University

29) Villanova University

28) Boston College

27) Montclair State University

26) Fordham University

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