10 Reasons Everyone Loves Taco Bell

For college students fast food is regular for breakfast, lunch, and dinner…and even snacks. We love fast food because it’s fast and it isn’t too expensive; sometimes it’s better than the college food. One of my favorite place to eat is Taco Bell. I love Taco Bell and here are a few reasons why:

10. The food comes in these durable bags that hold a lot of food. When I first went to Taco Bell and got my food in these little plastic bags I thought it was a terrible idea. Then, I realized that the plastic bags are very strong, for plastic bags, and you don’t have to worry about your quesadillas and tacos bending and getting messed up. I’m a bit sad now that they have switched over to paper bags, but hopefully this is just a phase they are going through.

taco bell bag

9. They have a 12 Pack Taco Box. The best thing Taco Bell could’ve have done was come up with a taco box that holds 12 tacos! This is great for college students because when there are parties, or a small get together with friends, you can have food for everyone in a matter of minutes. I mean, who doesn’t love tacos?!

taco box

8. Taco Bell has breakfast. Now instead of having to wait until around 12, or whatever time Taco Bell used to open, you can wake up for school or work and head over to Taco Bell to get tacos in the morning for breakfast. I haven’t had their breakfast yet, but I hear it isn’t that good…I’ll be the judge of that! I always thought Taco Bell and Wendy’s were going to be the only fast food places that don’t sell breakfast, but Taco Bell surprised us all!

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