11 Reasons UofA Sig. Kappa is the Best in the Country

So us over at University Primetime love sorority girls, that’s for sure. However, one sorority really comes to mind that we happen to really be in love with not just because they are all beautiful, but because they are very down to earth, intelligent, and have amazing personalities.

When I visited UofA back in April, I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of the sisters of Sigma Kappa, and the love and support they have for University Primetime really put a smile on my face. After getting to meet them in person, we decided to come up with a list of why UofA Sigma Kappa really wins our heart over.

Overall, there is no better sorority than Sigma Kappa at UofA, and here’s 11 reasons why:

1. Sigma kappa is amazing because we know who we are and we are confident in our ability to each be ourselves. They truly are individually unique; together complete.

2. Sigma Kappa makes it easy to go to a school of over 40,000 students and not only never feel alone- but feel at home.

3. They are not afraid to be funny or outgoing.

4. Sigma Kappa is diverse. They are unique, well rounded, and down to earth.

5. We decided life is better spent laughing and smiling with each other by our sides.

6. Sigma Kappa is amazing because it brings people together.

7. It is unlike anything else to have so many irreplaceable sisters who are loving, supportive and are constantly helping you grow.

8. Bad day or good day, you always have Sigma Kappa there at the end of it.

9. They are involved all over campus, and enjoy meeting so many people while having Sigma Kappa as such a strong foundation.

10. They are proud to be Sigma Kappas and we are proud to wear the letters ΣΚ. Today. Tomorrow. Forever.

11. Because their sorority recruitment video is the best sorority recruitment video I’ve ever seen. Watch below:


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