15 Signs You’re Dealing With A Guy Who’s Secretly Cheating On You

Signs You're Dealing With A Guy Who's Secretly Cheating
If you think your man is secretly cheating on you, don't make any big claims or jump to a conclusion. Keep an eye out for behavior that may be a red flag.

Even though it pays to think the best of people, the sad truth is, an awful lot of people cheat on their significant others and spouses.  When the truth comes out, and it always does, feelings are hurt, hearts are broken, and relationships are destroyed. If your significant other has it in his mind to cheat, you may not be able to stop him. What you can do is attempt to discover the truth and, if possible, save yourself a great deal of heartbreak from staying in the dark even longer. But remember that there is a fine line between uncovering the truth and being borderline crazy; remember that you can’t make strong claims without any concrete audience.

None of these signs constitute surefire proof that your guy is secretly cheating, but if you see one or more of these things happening, you may have cause to be suspicious.

15. He sometimes makes plans, only to back out later.

He might be trying to schedule some time with his side chick, and his plans with you obviously come second. Be calm and ask him what came up; you can always tell if someone is lying if they have no real concrete reason as to why your original plans fell through.

14. He’s hesitant to commit to your relationship.

He doesn’t want to take the next step or be more serious.  He may not even want you to meet his parents. Though there may be different factors, it’s easy to tell when someone doesn’t want to DTR. If he doesn’t want to commit, that should be a sign that your relationship will not work since you both want different things.

13. He suddenly takes a long time to call or text you back.

More often than not, you have no idea where he is when he’s not texting you back. Everyone is entitled to their privacy but you can tell when someone is being completely shady.

12. You haven’t met his friends, even though he sees them a lot.

That seems weird, doesn’t it? Especially if he talks to you as if you’re in a committed relationship and even calls you his girlfriend. Not meeting his friends makes it seem like you’re something to hide or he’s afraid his friends will say something to you.

11. He has unpredictable mood swings.

If you find that he gets mad at you for no reason or keeps trying to pick a fight, it could be because he’s deflecting his insecurity about the situation onto you. No girl deserves unwarranted anger being directed at her, especially when you know you’ve done nothing wrong.


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