17 Reasons Why We’re Excited for the Holiday Season

Halloween is over. I hope everyone enjoyed their day of being spooky and dressing up! But now that it is over, you know what that means. It’s officially time to start counting down the best time of the year, the holiday season! Some Scrooges may say it’s too early to start the excitement, but I say it’s never too early for holiday fun. Here’s a list of the things we’re all looking forward to this season. Admit it. You’re excited.
17) First of all, college kids get like a month off of school, meaning no stress of reading, homework or tests for a long time. 
16) Christmas Music. Everyone loves it, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. The most extreme people start listening right after Halloween is over. (i.e., me) 
15) Holiday lights. They make your street look like a winter wonderland. 
14) It’s the ultimate excuse to shop. 


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