17 Unique New York City Restaurants

Whenever I spend the day in the city, I always end up going to places like Chipotle or Shake Shack. I decided to look up several types of interesting restaurants in the city to attend and found there are a lot more than I thought. Here are 17 unique restaurants in New York City I think you should check out.

17) Sugar Factory

Located in the Meatpacking District, this restaurant is best known for their novelty drinks and desserts. They also primarily serve American cuisine. Sugar Factory opened in April 2013 and is  located on 835 Washington Street. Anybody with a craving for something sweet should definitely check out this restaurant.




16) Ninja New York

Ninja New York is located on 25 Hudson Street in the TriBeCa section of the city. Ninja New York is not only known for their Japanese cuisine but known for their magic acts. The waiters, dressed in traditional ninja attire, perform acrobatics to amuse the guests while they are waiting for their food to arrive.



15) Jekyll and Hyde Restaurant and Bar 

Located on 91 7th Ave S, this haunted restaurant and bar where guests can find some of the most bizarre and unusual items on the menu. They primarily serve American cuisine.They also provide live entertainment and special effects to amuse the customers during their meal. Additionally, this restaurant is also open the entire year.


14) The View’s Lounge 

At The View’s Lounge, guests are seated at a rotating table so they can enjoy different views of New York City while they eat their meal.  Located on 1535 Broadway Avenue, this restaurant is truly one-of-a-kind. The View’s Lounge also serves American food.



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