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4 Tips to Surviving Freshman Year (and College)

Freshman Year College is whatever you chalk it up to be

surviving freshman year

Whether you’re in freshman in a community college or university, your entrance into this next stage of life can be frustrating and even disorienting at times. Many people find different ways to be successful in college, but here are a few common ones than many wish they had followed from day one:


1. Avoid New Books

Get used to getting your books secondhand or online if you want to save money

You’re a freshman and its the first day of college, you want to be prepared right? Well, that’s understandable but there is such a thing as going overboard. New books are nice but aren’t usually worth it. Many teachers will require books on their syllabus, but throughout the year you may come to find that you never even took it out of the bag. Nonetheless, its always good to have a copy just in case. Some textbooks and novels can be found online in .PDF form or .EPUB but if that’s not your thing, you can always rent them or buy them used online. Places such as Amazon or Abebooks are great places to find textbooks at a discounted price.


2. Find Balance

Everyone is different and has their own way to balance their priorities

While this may seem like common sense, the allure and charm of college can be distracting especially for a freshman. Some people can hardly put in any effort and still get Straight A’s. Chances are you’re probably not one of those, and if you are kudos. But for the rest of us it’s not so easy. From the incredible clubs to classes, both filled with some very attractive people, it can be easy to forget your purpose in college as a new freshman. College is supposed to be some of the best years of your life, but don’t go overboard. Don’t be a buzzkill but try not to stray from your original plan too much.  After all, you’re in college for a reason aren’t you?


3. Don’t Hesitate to Ask!

Push come to shove, some people will always be there for you

Accomplishing things by yourself always seems so much more satisfying than when asking for help, but with pride comes greater risks. Odds are you will feel overwhelmed at some point, and when you do don’t give up, instead call a lifeline and get some help! Even if your teacher isn’t giving you any slack or you’re not sure how to do your taxes, there will always be people willing to help. You just have to know how to ask. You can’t be expected to know everything when even the professionals don’t, so cut yourself some slack! Beating yourself up  isn’t going to help, but perhaps asking someone else will. There are always resources at your disposal, even more so since you are a freshman, so try not to forget it.


4. Live Healthy

While not everyone has a gorgeous lake to reflect upon, there are other ways to relax

As a freshman, many things take a backseat to your top priorities and sometimes your own well-being is one of those on the short end. If you take care of yourself first, it will pay off both physically and mentally. Pulling all-nighters while downing energy drinks is definitely not good for you and is preventable. Good habits aren’t usually made in high school, so you probably won’t have it down when you start off in college as an inexperienced freshman. Instead of putting off that paper until the night before its due, try doing a bit each day. Even starting your morning off with 15 minutes of relaxation and a bowl of yogurt or cereal can have a major effect on your day. Then get small periods of studying in throughout your day so as not to overload your brain. Habits as simple as these can easily increase your attention span and energy for the day, saving you valuable time and stress in your freshman year.

surviving freshman year

A college football player and Physics major, I enjoy making light of everything (Physics joke) and making puns even more so.

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