7 Things Not to Do in a Hall Style Bathroom. Especially #6

7 Things Not to Do in a Hall Style Bathroom:


1. Leave your items:
Hall style bathrooms are notorious for their lack of counter space. Don’t leave your items all over the counter when in the bathroom, or when you leave to pick up a forgotten item from your room. Not only is this rude, but it also gives others the ability to steal valuable cosmetics and products.

2. Hog the Mirror:
On Friday and Saturday nights, hall style bathrooms are packed with girls who are getting ready to go out for the night. While primping can take time, keep in mind that you will be judged for the way you behave in the bathroom. Even if you did “get there first,” be conscious of others, and share the small space. If you can do something within the privacy of your dorm room, do so. You beat the crowd, and aren’t thought of as being vain.

3. Wash Dishes:
As bizarre as it sounds, I’ve seen girls washing dishes in the bathroom sinks more times than I’d like to admit. Most residence halls have community kitchens with sinks and dishwashers. Keep the nasty food stained plates and utensils where they belong. Who wants to eat off of plates that have been cleaned a la bathroom anyway?

4. Don’t Move the Shower Curtain:
Chances are, if a shower curtain is closed, it’s because someone is in there, EVEN if the water isn’t running. Don’t obnoxiously yank it open without checking for feet, or verbally asking. It’ll be awkward for the person in there, but it’ll be even more awkward for you.

5. Flush:
I used to think flushing was an issue that only plagued guys, but for some reason, this seems to be even more of an issue for girls. No one wants to enter a stall and see anything left behind from the previous user. It’s rude, and it’s disgusting.

6. Shower Sex:
We’ve all had sex in a location where we probably shouldn’t have been having sex. That’s what’s fun about it. While everyone loves a good shower sex sesh, if you must do it in a hall style bathroom, check to make sure no one is present, and also try to do it at a time when no one is likely to be in there, like 3-5 AM…oh yeah…and keep the moaning to a minimum.

7. Stare:
If you like my hair, makeup, or outfit, it’s more than okay to tell me. What’s not okay? Standing there and gawking as you wash your hands. Being that hall style bathrooms have large, wall length mirrors, anyone you stare at will definitely see you oogling them. It’s creepy, and totally unnecessary.

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