8 Thoughts You Have While Walking To Class

BEEP BEEP BEEP! Nothing quite like the blare of your alarm after another fantastically fun day in college. That buzzer delivers a harsh reality: time to roll off of your cozy, memory foam-padded mattress and start your morning route, which roughly consists of stumbling into the shower, throwing some clothes on, stuffing your face with some breakfast snacks, and beginning the slow walk of doom that is the walk to class.

While you don’t do a whole lot of thinking until it is absolutely necessary (the moment the teacher opens his or her mouth), here are some common thoughts most people think on that dreaded journey to class.

8. Where did all my free time from  yesterday go?


On second thought, maybe I did give myself too long of break in between the time I left my class and when I started my homework.

7. What class am I even headed off to anyways?


I have not a clue!

6. Oh well. At least I know where the class is located!


That’s good enough… right?


5. ¬†Oh look! There’s one of my buds!!!


Hey there my man!



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