8 Phrases Girls Are Tired Of Hearing From Guys

Alright let’s break it down.. Boys, girls know how to read in between the lines just as easily as you can. With that being said there are a few phrases that girls know the exact meaning behind.. Every single time and we’re tired of hearing them! These phrases are used so often between guys we see right through them, yes there is a chance you’re actually being genuine about it… but come on! Test the waters and take a chance for once, stop using these phrases! There will always be a fear of getting together with someone new, but chances are you’re going to miss out on something great.

8. “It’s not you, it’s me”- Classic…. Guys are always blaming their own self to get out of it.

7. “You’re too good of a girl/ too good for me”- What does this even mean? Shouldn’t you be happy that you scored a super awesome girl?! This probably means you’re scared of commitment or another relationship- totally fine! You can’t get rid of us that quickly!

6. “I don’t want to hurt you”- Okay okay okay, we’ve heard this plenty of times.. Us girls, we are tough! Sure we’ve had our fair share of breakups, heartbreaks, and times of getting hurt, but we can get through just about anything! So you dear boy, suck it up and just luv me.6

5. “I didn’t mean to hurt you”- Classic, you “didn’t mean it,” but you went ahead and did it anyway.. This is just an easy excuse and apology for a guy to get out of doing something dumb. LADIES, don’t fall for this anymore- get rid of him!


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