Couples We All Hate

As you’re walking through campus I’m sure you’ve seen those wonderfully annoying couples roaming around hand in hand. If you’re single like me you continually roll your eyes because you’re bitter, but even if you’re in a relationship, there’s always those couples we all just plain hate.

1. The Lovey Dovey Couple

This couple is defined by PDA. They can’t keep their hands and mouths off of each other. Every second they have to be touching and they take eight hours to hold each other and kiss goodbye when they have to part ways for that terrible one hour… When they finally come up for air, they’re usually staring into each other’s eyes planning their wedding and honeymoon in their head.

2. The Fights About Everything Couple

This couple is constantly fighting. No one understands why or how they’re still together, but they just won’t give up. The second they make up and everyone around them can finally breathe, they find something new to fight about. This couple makes people uncomfortable since they’re always wanting everyone to pick sides, and that’s no fun.

3. The Deep Issues Couple

This couple is a fighting couple as well, but instead of catty stupid fights, they have fights about issues in society such as abortion, rape, politics, gay marriage, etc. they constantly want to change each other’s opinion even though they’re both too stubborn for that to happen. These couples should just break up because someone is gonna end up way to offended at one point or another.

4.The Mismatched Couple

This couple is spotted when you see the sexy guy with the plain jane or the hot girl with the scrawny kid. They make no sense. They cause everyone to question their own standards, and they make those who are single wonder why the hot one isn’t with them. This couple confuses me to no end, but props to them for looking deeper than appearance.

5. The Too Perfect Couple

The cheer captain and the football quarterback, the dancer and the lead singer in a band, the soon to be CEO of a huge company and his sorority girlfriend, we all know these. These are the couples who’s lives look like they came out of a movie from the 50s about the housewife and her loving husband. They will probably grow up to have perfect children too, and we’ll all just envy them a little bit more.

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