Different Types of People You See During A Test

There are a lot of different types of people who take test. Those who study, those who don’t and those who don’t even care to take the test. Here are 10 types of people during a test:


10. The one who whispers. There is always one person who whispers to someone for help during the test, and they never get caught.


9. The one who forgets the test date. Walk into class and is completely baffled that the test was that day.


8. The one who speeds through the test. They’re most likely the first one to get done and leave class after 10 minutes of the test starting either because they studied or because they just guessed throughout the whole test.


7. The one who has their phone out. It wasn’t hard to cheat in high school with your phone, but in college you risk your chances of graduating when you cheat, or you could just learn how to be a professional cheater…if that’s even a thing.


6. The one who gives up. After looking at that first question and realizing that you don’t know anything on the test you just silently admit to yourself that you failed and go on about your day.


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