Free Stuff For Being In College!

Free Stuff For Being In College!

Almost everything about college is expensive, so students should at least take the one advantage of getting free stuff while in school. Many companies provide deals for college students that you can access with either an .edu email or your student I.D. card. Not only do companies do this, campuses also offer free things if you know where to look.

1. Sumpto- This is a startup company based in New York that rewards college students that have an .edu email and a Facebook. You earn a Sumpto score as you go along and the higher the score gets the better the rewards. Everything is completely free! Recent rewards have included the iLuv Selfy, caffeine water, and a tin of cookies.


2. Viggle- This is an app that gives users prizes just for watching TV and listening to music. Every college student goes on a few Netflix binges, so why not get something out of that time? All you have to do is download the app, point your phone at the television or speakers, and let it listen to the song or show you are watching. For every minute that the app listens to your activity, you’ll earn one point and they add up to gift cards and rewards.


3. Amazon- A program is offered for students that involves free two-day shipping and $10 credits are offered every time you refer a friend to join. There is no limit to how many referrals you can do, so become popular with your friends and enjoy all the free things you can get with the credits. The free two-day shipping lasts for six months and if you still want the program, it is offered to students for 50% off.


4. Facebook Pages- Accounts like “Free Stuff For College Students!” are out on the internet to solely inform students on all the things available to them. They will report the latest freebies and attach links for you to easily access them. They talk about everything from food, to personal products, and free starbucks coffee.


5. Microsoft Software- Microsoft has offered its Windows operating system and other premium softwares to college students for free. Programs like Visual Studio are free for students to use when you enter a valid .edu email. For students in computer programming majors or classes, this can be a life saver. Instead of buying all the expensive programs to have on your personal computer, you can download them for free.


6. Discounts- Lots of stores and shops around town offer deals for students. Places like H&M and Charlotte Russe offer discounts when you show a student I.D. Shops located around campus are likely to do the same thing. Discounts can range anywhere from 10% to 25% off your entire order.


7. Experiments- Psychology and graduate students are always looking for people to participate in experiments they need for class. The easiest way to get volunteers is to offer an incentive. These programs will offer money to students to help them with the experiment. If you’re not busy and available, why not make some money for a few hours of your time.


8. Events- Lots of free food is around on campus, you just need to know where to look. Campus hosted events are very popular and what better way to draw in students than some free food. Check flyers and emails for upcoming events and you can almost guarantee that there will be food available there.


9. Health Center- Whenever you walk into your health center there are always things being offered to students. These are there for a reason, take advantage of them. The college wants their students to be healthy and happy, so they are always willing to offer help. There may be many items from feminine products to medicine, available for students.


10. Autodesk Software- There is no reason for engineering, architecture, animation, and design students to download illegal copies of software. With your valid .edu email you can download these programs for free. There are 57 programs offered to students for free because there are better things you could be spending your money on.

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