Going Out As Told By It’s Always Sunny

It’s been a long week. Your boss and professors have been on you, you can’t seem to escape stress or get enough sleep. The one thing getting you though the week is the fact that Friday is only a few short days away. And this Friday, instead of staying home and watching Netflix, you actually get to go out.

The Always Sunny gang always has an excellent time with whatever they do, and so do you and your friends. Here’s your going out experience, described by “It’s Always Sunny”:

16) It’s finally Friday and you can’t contain your excitement about going out later. 

Its friday, done with work

15) You and your friends have been going back and forth in the group chat, but you all know what’s really going down. 

having plans

14) You and your crew dress in your best. 

Fly with your crew

13) And you take a million photos. take a million photos

12) You get to the club and the music takes over. 

when the music takes control

11) The bartender makes you a new drink for cheap.

the bartender makes you a new drink


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