Why Grey’s Anatomy is Undoubtedly the Best Show Ever Created

It’s a lifestyle. It brings people together and tears them apart. It’s simply incredible. It’s Grey’s Anatomy.
If you’re anything like me, you avoided Grey’s for as long as you could. You pushed the hype aside, denied how life-changing it truly could be, skipped over the endless GIFs and screenshots you saw on Tumblr and Twitter without hesitation and went on your life. Then, one day, laying in your bed scrolling through Netflix, you thought, “Eh, might as well give it a try,” and you never, ever, looked back.
Here are 18 reasons why Grey’s Anatomy is undoubtedly the best show ever created.


18. Christina is a feminist icon.

17. The writers are amazing at coming up with nicknames.


16. You can always count on getting the best advice.


15. You get to witness (totally real) medical miracles.


14. Meredith and Christina’s friendship is all you ever want in life.



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