Boston Calling

Lorde Boston Calling Performance Review

WHO: Lorde

WHAT: Headlining Boston Calling Music Festival 

WHERE: Capital One 360 Stage, City Hall Plaza, Boston, MA

WHEN: Saturday September 6th, 2014

Lorde took the stage as the Saturday headliner of this past weekends Boston Calling music festival.  The evening was filled with delays after it had to be shut down due to thunder and lightening storms throughout the North East. However, thanks to great work by the promoter (Crashline Productions) the event was reopened for the final two performers of the evening. 

We sat down with our own Editor in Chief who comes from an extensive background as a concert promoter and employee of Live Nation to talk about this performance and get his thoughts. 

What about the performance was new or different for you?

Beside the fact Lorde herself being a pretty recent addition to the scene, she gives off this incredible yet confusing energy. It feels dark, yet exciting and intriguing at the same time. There has yet to be an artist that has given me such a mix of emotions as a performer. 

What impressed you about this live music experience and why?

Beside her being able to completely ignore the drunk and naked guy being pulled out of the crowd  in front of the stage by 8 Boston Police Officers and security guards.  The choreography mixed with  the custom lighting design was quite impressive for a festival performance of this size. Actually, the production in general was really good. You could tell a lot of time went into it to make sure it didn’t feel like the generic festival performance. I appreciate that. 

Which selection intrigued you the most? Why?

As I mentioned previously the choreography was really well done, it fit the songs quite well. That being said, my favorite selection was Ribs. That for me, was the most interesting performance. More intense, the energy was fantastic. 

What is your opinion about the writing of the composition? Why?

I think the dark mystique energy she gives off is complimented greatly by intense synths and rhythmic tones in the background. I think that it is a great twist on the teen-relatable lyrical compositions in todays musical world; relatable to say the least. I spent a good amount of the performance amongst the crowd. They loved it just as much me. Did I mention, I am very hard to impress when it comes to shows. 

If there was a selection or part of the show you did not enjoy, what and why was it?

You know, I did not like the wardrobe change to red. It was practically the same exact outfit but in red. I don’t think it fit. I think it was off setting to the performance and the energy of the music. I think there needs to be an alternative to the black, I do not think that was it. 

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Being a promoter yourself, where do you see Lorde in the coming months?

I would like to see a short tour for Pure Heroine. However, in my opinion, it is getting a bit to late for that. I know she is doing a bunch of one-offs and they are doing pretty well.  

Perhaps if a new album is in the works it could be accompanied by a mid-sized venue tour following soon after. 

Assuming Pure Heroine stays relevant through 2015, I also think she would do great opening up for Taylor Swift’s up and coming tour. Release an album after traveling a little with Swift. I think that would be a great path. I am sure her team has it figured out and we will have to wait and see. 

If you were to give the performance a rating of 1-10 what would you give it? Why?


I think all and all it was a great performance. Fan experience was great according to some surrounding concert attendees. Choreography was on point for the music. Production was custom, it did not feel like a standard festival stage. No major flaws in the performance. I could feel she has a true passion for what she is doing. That is what I love most. Seeing artists with passion these days is rare.  All of that combined, deserves an 8. No more, no less. I hope to see more of her in the future. Perhaps I’ll book her next tour. Who knows. 

Image Captured by Christopher Polk

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