You Probably Didn’t Know College Guys Look For These Traits in Girls

5. A sense of humor… I can tell you from experience, there is nothing worse than trying to build a relationship with a girl who has no sense of humor. And when I say a “sense of humor”, I dont mean to go along with it and laugh if a guy jokingly calls you fat or ugly, in that case, backhand that motherfucker. But seriously, guys love a girl who they can be sarcastic with and love a girl even more who is sarcastic right back!


4. Play hard to get… As much as you might like a guy when you first meet, the best way to handle the situation is to always play hard to get. It drives guys absolutely crazy, but in a good way. Guys are not looking for a relationship with a girl who gives it up right off the bat, the ones who play hard to get are always the ones guys look at as keepers!



3. Party hard! But not too hard… From a guys perspective, many would agree with me that there is nothing worse than looking forward to seeing a certain girl at a party and then when you get there she is hammered. I’m not saying don’t drink and go out and have fun, but do it classy if you know a guy that you like is going to be there! No guy is going to take a girl seriously who is constantly that girl at the party.



2. Don’t be crazy!… Easier said than done, but turning psycho on a guy out of nowhere is a big red flag. These days in college it seems like every time two people try a relationship it starts out all good and gravy, but as the weeks go by someone in the relationship starts to get all crazy. Secretly creeping on a guys texts, twtter, facebook, instagram is all fair game, but when you start to call him out for every interaction he has with another girl on social media that is when you start to look crazy. There is many different breeds of crazy girls, some of them are more tolerable than others, but at the end of the day, they are out there! Another form of crazy that really rubs guys the wrong way is being all over him constantly while you are out together. Give him his space to hang with his friends,’and I guarantee he will come to you. (But not too much space to the point where he might wander off and find someone else). Moral of the story, just be cool!



1. Look good!… Don’t be that girl who kills it in a sexy dress on the weekend and then looks like a mess during the week! I’m not saying you have to dress up to your full potential every day because nobody wants to do that in college, but there is ways for girls to dress lazy and still look great, ive seen it! As bad as it is to say, the first thing most guys are looking for in a girl is good looks, and that may not come as a surprise to anyone but it just is what it is. With that being said, make sure to always look good around that guy you are interested in!



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