Why I Was Scarred For Life After Walking in On My Roommate Hooking Up

I knew before I even applied to college that I was going to be forced to share a room with someone, and I just had to face the fact that I had to do that. I was fine with the arrangement UNTIL I walked in on my roommate hooking up.

It was a normal day, one of those days that I never really come back to my dorm until all my classes are over, but one day one of my classes was cut short and I decided to go to my room and relax for a second before my next class. I didn’t know how my roommates schedule looked on that day therefore I didn’t know whether she was there or not, but I didn’t care because she was going to be most likely watching something on Netflix anyway

As I made my way into my dorm suite I noticed that my door was opened, I thought my roommate was in the bathroom or in the study room, but I was wrong. I walked in my room only to see her and some guys face  glued to each other. Did she notice I was there? Yes. Did she stop? NO.

I don’t know if she was use to people walking in on her going at it with some guy, but I wasn’t use to walking in on someone going at it. I honestly don’t know my exact emotion, but it was somewhere between mad and disgusted. I didn’t know whether I should’ve knocked both of them upside their heads or walk out and sit in a quiet place so I could contemplate on whether to go buy a tent and live outside or just find a cheap apartment.up-next-page

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