The Types of F*CKBoys You See On Campus

I am walking through campus and there is a f*ck boy over there, a f*ck boy over there, and you guessed it, a f*ck boy over there. This breed is slowly and surely taking over our population. Here are the 17 F*ck Boys there is no doubt you will see chilling on campus.

17. The Dad-Bod Obsessed F*ck Boy

Why is this even a thing though?

16. The Frat-Dude F*ck Boy

And it’s ALL he talks about. Never mess with him and his boys. NEVER!

15. The drunk AF F*ck Boy

TBH I don’t think I have ever seen him without a beer in his hand…


14. The hooks up with anything that moves F*ck Boy

Steer clear (I am assuming you move).

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