UMD Zeta Tau Alpha Video Is Too Good Not To Watch


University of Maryland has officially been on notice. I think they are starting to realize that is the #1 resource for everything and anything college. I think this college may be one of our new favorites.

All I know is that it’s always great to be in Zeta Tau Alpha. I don’t know what I would rather have if I were a University of Maryland student. Would I rather have a good social life and awesome parties, or just be friends with all the girls from Zeta Tau Alpha ? I think I would choose the girls just because they all seem perfect. The Zeta Tau Alpha girls seem gorgeous, awesome, and definitely a fun group to be around. The new pledge class must be so excited to join such an awesome sorority nationwide! These girls definitely are pretty chill based on the girls i’ve met before from other chapters at other universities. The ladies seem like they are a fun bunch based off of their video. I guess i’ll have to see for myself and visit this college and hang out with these girls to see what the real deal is. Either way, digging their video and you should too.

Zeta Tau Alpha at the University of Maryland had a sister generate this video to recap their semester. Not only did they want to share their wonderful sisterhood with their friends and family, but also wanted to encourage girls to sing up for formal spring recruitment. The link to sign up is Check out the video below!


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