What Guys Really Think Of A Thigh Gap

You’re standing at the bar, having a great time with your friends, and a guy walks up to you and drops to his knees to measure your thigh gap with a ruler. This will never actually happen because that would be crazy! No man stops and says “Oh my look at that women’s slender thighs I need to talk to her!” Women have so much more to offer that a thigh gap is probably the last thing a man will notice or remember. So get off Instagram and Pinterest because those thigh exercises are unnecessary. Here are what guys really think of a thigh gap:

10. They are looking at a women for what is there, not for what isn’t!


9. It will never be a make or break for a relationship.


8. If you’re already together, he won’t stop when he notices there is no thigh gap!


7. How far apart your legs are, doesn’t change the woman.


6. No one carries around a tape measure to test the gap!


5. It has grown to be a bigger deal than it deserves.


4. Most guys that think back to an ex rarely remember a thigh gap.


3. Bigger thighs are strong, luscious, curves.


2. It’s just more skin to touch.


1. Is the point of a gap not to have chafing?


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