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Why Thirsty Thursday is Better Than the Weekend

It’s often implicitly stated that college students go out on the weekends. Even students that don’t drink find things to do in town that don’t involve sitting in their dorm/apartment/house. It’s what weekends are for, and they always have been, since the time our parents and grandparents were in their teens and twenties. If anyone decides to go out, it’s safe to assume that they’ll be doing it during the weekend at some point.
Thursday - ross geller wow margarita

But Thursday is not technically part of the weekend. So it’s sort of a standalone, a special and unique night to party. Even though Thursday precedes the weekend, it’s technically on its own. On a subconscious level, it feels like you’re part of an exclusive club when you go out on a Thursday. Subconsciously, it feels different and special.

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