10 Love/Hate Problems College Girls Live With Daily

10 Things I Hate About Being A Girl 

1. Having a period and/or cramps

2. Having to be the one to go through labor~ seriously it is time men tried it.

3. Getting less pay then men.

4. Having to worry about getting raped or killed.

5. Still being expected by many men to work and take care of the house and kids by ourselves. This should not be a problem these days but it is.

6. Having to put on make-up, shave legs and under arms and fix hair. Men usually just get up and go regardless.

7. Having to work twice as hard as men to get a promotion.

8. Having to worry about being taken advantage of by mechanics, repair men, etc

9. Being thought of as the weaker sex.

10. Having to go through menopause.

Of course these are many, many more but I was just going for ten. On the other hand there are a lot of reasons why it is wonderful to be a woman. Such as being able to carry a child in our wombs and then giving birth to a little angel that makes you realize how miraculous life really is. Men are not able to experience the bond between a baby and its mother as much. So below I have the top ten reasons I love being a woman.

10 things I love about being a girl

1. Being able to have children. I bet men wish they could experience the joy we experience (without the pain of course)

2. Not having to be embarrassed if we become aroused sexually at the sight of a man. If a man gets aroused it,s obvious and I bet it is embarrassing at times.

3.  Not being forced to go to war like men are.

4. The emotional bonds we form.

5. Not having to pay when a man takes you out. While I know there are some that split the cost of the date . Men still predominately pay.

6. Getting gifts, flowers, cards, jewelry. My favorite is flowers. Men rarely get gifts like we do.

7. Our nurturing nature.

8. Being able to dress up and look pretty.

9. Not having to do heavy and dirty work like men, unless you want to.

10. Being able to have multiple orgasms.

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