10 Things Only People in Williams Village Will Understand

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Living in Williams Village at CU Boulder is like living in Hawaii. We’re on the campus map, but in a small box in the corner because we’re not really “on campus.” If you live in Will Vill currently, or have lived there your freshman year, then you will understand these 10 things:


10. The Pity From You Friends in Libby, Baker, and Farrand


Every time you tell a new friend where you live, you always hear (without missing a beat) “Aww, how do you like it?” And every time, you tell someone the same thing, “It sucks but you get used to it,” or “it’s not so bad,” so you don’t fall into their pity. But, in reality Will Vill sucks because it is so far from where the parties happen.  I recommend making as many friends as possible in Libby, Baker, and Farrand so you have a place to sleep after parties and the Buff Buss stops running.



9. Darley Commons (Which fails to exist but is still on the location map for printers)


Darley Commons was the dining hall for Williams Village. This year they decided to knock it down and redo it, which is great because we don’t have a dining hall now. Also, there were printers in Darley Commons and my first week here, I asked the person at the front desk in my building where it was, and she said it was where the construction was happening. Now, I go to the C4C for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and had my dad ship me a printer so I wouldn’t have to shlep to Norlin every time I needed to print a paper.




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