10 Types Of People You See At The Bar

Going out is a part of nearly every college student’s life. We’ll go just about anywhere: house parties, someone’s apartment, it doesn’t really matter but our absolute favorite is most likely the bars. We can meet up with our friends there, we know when to call a cab to go home, and we meet all kinds of new people every weekend. Our love for the bars will never go away (shoutout to Mully’s and Benjamin’s in Syracuse) and no matter what city you go to school in, you all probably see these same types of people in your bar…

10. The girl who can’t walk in her shoes… We’re all guilty of wearing heels that are just too high for the amount of drinks we plan on having but when you see some girl essentially being dragged across the street by her friends, you can’t help but laugh. 

High Heels GIF

9. Your TA… Most of the time you’re waiting to get out of their late night class so that you can start getting ready with your friends and as it turns out they’re usually waiting to be able to let you leave so that they can do the very same thing. 


8. Your friend pounding shots… Whether you encouraged this or not, you know your friend is definitely having a good time and nobody wants to take shots by themselves… This is when you make your way over and the two of you become the girls pounding shots.

Shots GIF

7. Those people you have class with but never actually talk to… It’s always funny making eye contact across the bar and knowing you’ll see each other in class the next morning.

 Zac Efron GIF

6. The girls dancing on the ledge… We’re all at least a little jealous of those girls who aren’t afraid to climb up on the ledge, table, whatever works and dance their hearts out. Keep doing you. 

Blair Dance GIF


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