10 Ways To Deal With Midterm Stress

When the stress of classes and work start to sink in, things can seem a little overwhelming. College comes with a lot of things that you probably didn’t have to do while in high school. Not only are you trying to balance classes, you’re studying, in clubs, and maybe even a work study. Now, you are also taking on laundry, feeding yourself, and getting into the new social scene. After a few weeks of nonstop work and school, you may start to feel like a stressed out zombie. Sometimes you have to take a step back to not only do well in college, but also enjoy it. Below are a few ways to de-stress from all you have been doing.

  1. Take a walk – This is an excellent way to clear your head and relax without using up much of your precious time. A little fresh air and a peaceful break can go a long way.
  2. Take a nap – Even if it’s a short cat nap, sometimes you just need those few minutes of rest to rejuvenate, to get back to work and refocus on what you have to do.
  3. Amenities on campus – Many colleges offer activities like fitness classes, yoga or zumba, and even massages. Don’t pass up something the college is providing for you. They are available to help students manage stress and pressure.
  4. Skype with Family/Friends – Talking to loved ones can help take your mind off everything you have to do for a little while. Hearing what’s going on at home can also help raise spirits.
  5. Have a relaxing day to look forward to – If you know you have classes Monday-Friday, keep in mind that you have the weekend off. You can sleep in and spend your morning watching Netflix. Keep reminding yourself that you only have to get through a couple more days and then you can take a break. It is a little motivation to get through your classes.
  6. Manage your time- There is nothing that can add stress quicker than leaving everything to the last minute and rushing to get things done. Make a list of things you have to do everyday so you don’t end up doing everything last second.
  7. Puppies!- Studies have proven that playing with animals is a great way for students to relieve some stress. See if your campus supports the Dogs on Campus program and when you feel overwhelmed, enjoy some stress-free fun with a puppy!
  8. Work out – Working out is a healthy and positive way to relieve stress. You can work off a lot of steam while also getting a hot body. Nothing gets rid of stress faster than pounding on a punching bag or running on a treadmill.
  9. Go off campus- A great way to take a step back from school stress is to get away from the school. Sometimes you just need to get out of the environment that’s causing you to feel stressed. Exploring the area you are in off campus can help you learn about where you are and think about things non-campus related.
  10. Drink- This is the solution most college kids turn to. Going to a party, having a drink, and socializing with new people is a fantastic and easy way to have fun and completely forget about everything you were worrying about before.

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