12 Little Things Your Boyfriend Does That Mean The World (2)

6. Gives you those random little compliments that go a long way

Sometimes a girl just wants to be told she is beautiful whether she feels like a wreck or looks like a star; Sometimes she wants to know that he is proud of her. Once again, it is the little things.

5. Never fails to put a smile on your face

Whether it is that cute nose twitch that he does sometimes or his hilarious jokes, he wants to make you smile.

4. He is open about his feelings for you

He is not afraid to tell you what you mean to him and that he really likes you.

3. Those deep, meaningful conversations

You can talk about anything from boundaries to fears to your feelings for each other.

2. He genuinely cares and worries about you

He never wants to see you not feeling well, stressed, or unhappy. And, also bonus points if he gives you a massage to try and make everything better.

1. He accepts you for all of your quirks and likes you for you

And you are both so  happy that you found each other to accept.

It’s the little things that count.

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