12 Things You Sort Of Miss From Childhood

Don’t get me wrong, Net­flix and Hulu are great, but you usu­ally spend more time brows­ing the infi­nite amount of titles than actu­ally watch­ing some­thing. Remem­ber the local video store? Block­buster? Hol­ly­wood video?


It was sorta nice to work with what they offered you, and if you were lucky your par­ents let you get some candy on the way out.

Again, I love the selec­tion but come on. If I had 25 chan­nels, I wouldn’t have to deal with all of these crappy TV shows. Seri­ously, how do some of these net­works even stay on the air?


I know you get pretty pumped when you get some snail mail.


It may be slow, but at least it seems heart­felt for the effort some­body had to put in to send it.

Spo­tify and iTunes do sim­plify things, but noth­ing was as funny as find­ing the worst ver­sions of songs on LimeWire or FrostWire.

Remem­ber the RAZR?

The Choco­late?

The Juke?

Today all we have are iPhones and Androids. I miss all of those stu­pid lit­tle phones that at least stayed charged for 12 hours and could sur­vive one drop

Enough said.

Today, tele­vi­sion takes no ded­i­ca­tion. Remem­ber when you had to be a ded­i­cated fol­lower of a show?

TV 2

You couldn’t just say, “I’ll DVR it, make sure nobody talks about it around me, and then watch it in 6 weeks.” Every­body watched it at the same time. It made great play­ground conversation.

Maybe we could watch the con­cert now, instead of tak­ing a crappy video that we will never watch later. It’s just a thought though.

Face­book screwed us all. I barely know my clos­est friend’s names. If my phone died, the only per­son I’d be able to call is prob­a­bly my mother

Phone Number




Some of the great­est video games ever only required a joy­stick and maybe one but­ton. I can promise you the 15 but­tons, 6 ana­log sticks, and 5 con­trol pads are unnecessary.


Noth­ing like the sur­prise of get­ting pic­tures developed.


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